My name is Youri, and I am living and working in Ho Chi Minh – Saigon since 2017.  Before I lived for 3 years in Dubai, UAE.  Originally I am born in Kortijk, Belgium.  (For which I have another blog http://belginvietnam.be.

Since we have started our own business in import in Europe of ecological products – http://zotiyuri.com, based in Belgium, and import, export and additional services in Vietnam – http://belgivina.com, I have been working in a lot of coffee shops.  As there is literally a coffeeshop on every street corner of Ho Chi Minh (and there are a lot), I had the idea to start a blog about coffee shops.

Vietnam is the 2nd largest coffee producer in the world and for Robusta beans Vietnam is number one.  Vietnamese people love and adore their coffee.  In combination with a rich (and violent) history, you have really amazing little coffeeshops all over the city, hidden in a building or a small alley, with their own special signature coffee.

Every week I am trying to visit and write about 2-3 coffeeshops in the city, drink their signature coffee and share good and also bad experiences in taste via this blog site.

I really hope you have fun reading about the different signature coffees and places.  Please visit the amazing places around Ho Chi Minh.  And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Cheers and happy reading.

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